Ambulance Authority of Randolph County, WV

About the Randolph County Ambulance Authority

Randolph County EMS is a nonprofit emergency medical organization serving the entire county of Randolph since 1969. RCEMS answers to the Randolph County Authority Board that consists of 15 volunteer board members from different geographic areas around the county. RCEMS run approximately 7000 runs a year that range from emergency 911 calls and Inter Facility transports to specialty hospitals. RCEMS command structure is Kurt Gainer-Director, David Tice-Asst. Director, John Corcoran, Tom Kotarsky and Heather Brown as shift Captains. RCEMS has 65 employees which include 30 full time staff and 35 part time staff. RCEMS has 10 ambulances distributed between 3 stations which include Elkins (Headquarters), Mill creek and Harman. RCEMS provides mutual aid and paramedic intercepts to 7 surrounding counties. RCEMS supports 10 local fire departments in county and 3 law enforcement agencies.

Meeting Information

The Randolph County Ambulance Authority meets at 5 p.m. the last Tuesday of every month. Meeting agendas are posted on the bulletin board by the county commission office three days prior to the meeting.