Prosecuting Attorney Office of Randolph County, WV

About the Randolph County Prosecuting Attorney

The Prosecuting Attorney attends to the criminal business of the state in Randolph County. The Prosecutor prosecutes all necessary and proper proceedings against criminal offenders.

The Prosecuting Attorney also attends to civil suits in Randolph County in which the State, or any department, commission or board thereof, is interested, and to advise, attend to, bring, prosecute or defend, as the case may be, all matters, actions, suits and proceedings in in Randolph County and the County Board of Education is interested.

The Grand Jury is held three times per year on the last Monday of February, June and October.

If you have information regarding a pending criminal action, please feel free to contact our office and speak to any staff member. If you need to make a report of a crime, immediately contact local law enforcement to ensure a complete investigation can be completed. Within the city limits, you should contact the Elkins City Police Department at 304-636-0678. Outside of the city limits, please contact the Randolph County Sheriff’s Department at 304-636-2111 or the West Virginia State Police at 304-637-0200.

Disposition of criminal Magistrate Court cases or Circuit Court cases are a matter of public record and can be obtained through the Magistrate Court Clerk or the Circuit Court Clerk. Juvenile proceedings as well as Abuse and Neglect proceedings are confidential.